Best Metal Detectors - Are all metal detectors the same?

Published: 29th May 2009
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What is the Best Metal Detector has to be one of the most often asked questions many novices ask. Find the answer here, but be warned: you may not like it!

Metal detectors use assorted technologies, options, and performance settings for their intended use. In other words, there is no such thing as the individual "best metal detector", instead it absolutely is determined by what you are desiring to target. There are 5 fundamental types of metal detectors:

  • General-Purpose Coin/Relic/Treasure
  • Gold Prospecting
  • Underwater & Salt Beach
  • Cache Hunting/Deep Seeking
  • Industrial & Security

How are they different?

Most metal detectors are developed to perform best at a particular type of hunting but may be used for other forms of tagets as well. For example, the best metal detectors for gold hunting utilise a form of higher gain in the unit and are configured to be very sensitive to small pieces of gold. While this is a nice feature for gold prospectors, coin seekers can find it annoying that their machines are picking up every little piece of scrap metal. General purpose models are typically not designed to pick up metals as small as a grain of rice, nevertheless, offer far better junk metal rejection compared to gold hunting models.

Why are their different types?

The science of metal detector design is the art of compromise. By accenting particular features of any metal detector, you take away from other characteristics. Any metal detector that does it all may not function as well for certain very specific treasure hunting.

Many of the best 'all-round' metal detectors can make a fairly good job of most treasure hunting assignments, but there are certain machines specifically designed for certain tasks as undersea detecting and gold nugget seeking. These specialized models are less adapt at general-purpose work.

What does this mean to me?

When purchasing the best metal detector for you, it is crucial to think about what sort of metal detecting you will do mainly. Finding a metal detector with the characteristics that will best accommodate your typical usage is the most central decision you can make while purchasing a detector.

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